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Hexagonal Boxes


Item no: HexBox

Price: R5.50 each. Min order qty 10.

Material: 3mm MDF

Dimensions: 55x55wx35h (mm)

Comments: Decorate this box as a toothfairy box

Matchbox Box


Item no: mtchbox

Price: R5.00

Material: 3mm MDF

Dimensions: 40x50x20mm

Comments: Ideal to put a magnet at the back to stick on the fridge

Gift Box


Item no: Gift Box

Price: Small R90, Med R 125, Lge R 200

Material: Pine, ply lid

Dimensions: Sml (Less than 100mm), Med 100-200mm), Lge (200mm - 350mm)

Comments: Nice presentation for corporate gifts, engraving optional enquire for pricing

Suggestion Box


Item no: SBox

Price: R200.00

Material: 6mm MDF

Dimensions: 200x150x150

Comments: Suggestions, thoughts ideas from staff or customers. We can engrave or mark to customise

Box with Lid


Item no: BL 01

Price: R 50 unassembled (R10 to assemble)

Material: 3mm mdf

Dimensions: 200x150x100 (Lid 30mm high)

Comments: Wedding gift, favour boxes, memory boxes. WE can engrave, mark or cut the lid or sides to your requirements

Ornate bridal party boxes


Item no: Box ornate lid

Price: Box R 300, Lid R 150 = R 450

Material: Pine base, 6mm mdf lid

Dimensions: 500x400x140mm

Comments: A perfect box for the bridal couple

Wine Boxes with slide Lid


Item no: Wine Box

Price: R250 cut out lid. R200 engraved lid

Material: 3mm plywood

Dimensions: 30x10x10cm

Comments: variety of lid designs available.

Groomsman Box


Item no: GB 001

Price: from R300 (excl engraving)

Material: Pine base, plywood lid

Dimensions: 300x200x140 (box height is 120mm)

Comments: cost for paint/stain additional



Item no: StoreAll

Price: R200.00 kit form or R250.00 assembled

Material: 3mm mdf

Dimensions: 170x270

Comments: Compact, neat, light, versatile

USB / Flashdrive box


Item no: USB Box

Price: R30

Material: 3mm supawood

Dimensions: 90x42x25mm

Comments: cost includes engraving on slide lid

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