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Heart Puzzle


Item no: Heart Puzzle

Price: R550

Material: 3mm mdf

Dimensions: 750x600mm

Comments: 135 puzzle pieces with backing board



Item no: Cufflinks

Price: R175.00

Material: Wood / Rowmark

Dimensions: 18mm diameter

Comments: These are presented in a wooden box

Heart Tree


Item no: WHT01

Price: R650.00

Material: MDF (3mm)

Dimensions: 780 high x 600 wide

Comments: 120 hearts, hearts made bigger or smaller dpending on guests. Gluing if required R100 extra. Paintin



Item no: DS 01

Price: R150 each

Material: 6mm mdf painted

Dimensions: 45cm long

Comments: These can be customised to your requirements. Supplied with baton

Ring Box Wooden


Item no: Ring Box Wooden

Price: R250

Material: Tree branch

Dimensions: 70x70x70

Comments: for that rustic wedding

Various boxes


Item no: boxes

Price: Various

Material: Pine, MDF, Plywood

Dimensions: Various

Comments: See our Boxes secton for a listing

Love Story


Item no: CANV1

Price: R 175

Material: Paint on Canvas with Cardboard cutout Letters

Dimensions: 500x400

Comments: Ideal Wedding gift for your partner

Picket signs


Item no: DS 02

Price: From R180

Material: Pallet and plywood

Dimensions: Varies. Supplied with baton

Comments: For that wedding with a difference

Frame with vows and names


Item no: Vow Frame

Price: R 450

Material: plywood

Dimensions: A3 size ( 297*420)

Comments: A unique gift for the bridal couple with customisable names

Large Initials


Item no: CNC 01

Price: Price upon request

Material: 18-22mm Shutterply

Dimensions: 2000x1200

Comments: Make your statement

Directional Signs


Item no: DS 03

Price: Varies according to size and lettering call or email us

Material: MDF

Dimensions: From 400mm

Comments: Show me where to go !. Supplied with baton

Name Sign


Item no: DS 04

Price: Depends on requirements call us for a chat and quote

Material: MDF

Dimensions: Per your requirement

Comments: Baton supplied

Message Boxes


Item no: TD 03

Price: From R160

Material: Pallet and whiteface MDF

Dimensions: From 400x120

Comments: Let your guest write you a message for you

Save the Date / Thank You


Item no: PW 01

Price: Dependant on requirement

Material: White MDF, Plywood, Bamboo, MDF

Dimensions: From 50mm

Comments: You can use these disk for a multitude of reasons, magnitise for the fridge as well.

Table Numbers


Item no: TD 05

Price: R 20 (raw) R 30 painted. double no's R40

Material: 6mm MDF

Dimensions: 200mm high

Comments: Comes with stand

Wooden Wedding Invitation


Item no: Invitation

Price: Call us to discuss pricing

Material: MDF or Plywood (3mm)

Dimensions: From 170x100

Comments: Unique

Chalkboard Heart. Large


Item no: Chalkboard heart

Price: R200

Material: 3mm mdf

Dimensions: 430x370

Comments: with handles at back for ease of carrying

Tie Pin


Item no: Tie Pin

Price: R150, including wooden box

Material: Tie Pin at back with white mdf or plywood front

Dimensions: na

Comments: A nice gift for a best man or father of the bride

Bridal party hangers


Item no: Hangers

Price: R65 each. Hanger included

Material: Wooden Hanger with painted mdf

Dimensions: 40mm

Comments: Why use a plastic hanger in your photos when you can have this?

Paper Invite


Item no: Invite

Price: Price upon request

Material: paper

Dimensions: na

Comments: Contact us for a quote to custom cut your invite

ASK US ABOUT HIRING of wedding decor


Item no: Hiring

Price: na

Material: na

Dimensions: na

Comments: contact us for hiring of certain wedding decor.

Bridesmaid Bouquest signs


Item no: Bouquet signs

Price: R50 each

Material: meranti and plywood painted

Dimensions: 10x15cm

Comments: Customize your signs

Men's Brooch


Item no: MB001

Price: R 25

Material: Plywood or MDF

Dimensions: 60mm diameter

Comments: For the men in the Bridal party

Save the Date (Postcard)


Item no: SDPC

Price: From R35

Material: Plywood

Dimensions: 150x100

Comments: Don't forget! can be magnetised, contact us for option on engraving, fonts, pictures and layout

Wedding Light Cake


Item no: LC01

Price: From R 1500 excluding design fee

Material: .35mm opaque plastic with vinyl inlay, 6mm MDF stand

Dimensions: 1 meter tall

Comments: Something so different. Use it as a lamp after your wedding day.

Box Frame with Heart insert and Guest Sign


Item no: BFH&S02

Price: R 700 (frame, hearts & pen), R 180 (Sign)

Material: Pine Frame, MDF hearts. : Sign, vinyl lettering

Dimensions: Frame 500x400 ID. Sign A3 size

Comments: Let your guest know what you would like them to do for you to remember your day.

Ring Box Pine Distressed


Item no: Ring Box Pine Distressed

Price: R250

Material: Pine

Dimensions: 150x130x50

Comments: Pine box distressed with engraving on lid

Ring Box Pine


Item no: Ring Box Pine

Price: R250

Material: Pine

Dimensions: 150x130x50

Comments: Pine ring box with engraving

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